The Team


Ditale Team

We are Raylene, Audrey, and Summer… three women in love with the outdoors. We are the founders, owners, and operators of Ditale Outdoors, a small women owned business based here in Texas. Our mission is to give women the confidence to get out there and fulfill their passions... we started with pants.

We have been hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, camping and backpacking since before we could walk. We understand the vital importance of immersing ourselves in the outdoors and the beauty, self-awareness and inner peace that emerges within. It is our outlet, our way to disconnect from hustle and reconnect with ourselves, our fundamental purpose in life, our families, and our friends in the most raw and un-mitigated way.

The wilderness may feel isolating and solace, but we aren’t alone, more than 1.1 Million women in the United States hunt. Women hunt to feed our families in the most unadulterated way, women hunt as a way to get out and teach our children a skill, women hunt to connect with the earth and ourselves, women hunt to do their part in conservation. Yet many of us women don’t talk it about it.

It may have initially been Raylene’s idea to start a hunting apparel company, but we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with so many other women like us over the last year and a half and serve you. Your stories are invigorating, your purpose is powerful, and your future is uninhibited. We hope you can muster the courage as we stand behind you in telling your stories and eliminating the modern judgements and stigmas around hunting.

Ditale (dĕ-tall-ee) is Raylene’s great grandmother’s, Mary, maiden name. Mary Ditale was assertive, supportive, and adventurous survivor that immigrated the United States in the early 20th century. Like Raylene, Audrey, and Summer, these are the ingredients for the making of a modern female outdoorswoman. Thus Ditale Outdoors was born.

      Mary Ditale, 1940             

Ditale Outdoors exists to provide the most exquisitely proper fitting, functioning and performing women’s apparel in the hunting industry and accessible by all. We are here to equip you, so you can live your purpose with confidence and tell your story.